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For us its about connecting people

Allpimatt Business Planning and Solutions Pty Ltd is a financial consulting company which has over 40 years experience in the marketing and financial arenas nationwide, over this time Allpimatt together with the Care Office has built relationships with over 350 000 families across South Africa. Allpimatt has over 3000 small medium businesses associated, bringing over 3 Million plus visits to our web projects. The proud developers of Giving More, SA Child, SA Leisure Guide, SA Health Guide and SA Homes Guide, currently the child project ranks no 1 in South Africa, linked with Giving More which has over 67 000+ and growing social medium followers  The emphasis is on Giving More in health and happiness to all the affiliates of the network.


Maria Maharaj (CEO)

Richard Jones (Financial Director - Allpimatt & The Care Office)

Richard Jones has had 40 years experience covering professional accounting services, financial and board experience in a listed company and running an unlisted public company, his clients operate locally, in Africa, The American and Asian continents.

Michael Maguire (Director Sales & Marketing)

Michael Maguire has had 10 years experience functioning as our Executive Marketing Manager involved in developing marketing campaigns to promote our projects, sales, services and ideas. Michaels role includes planning, advertising, public relations, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research.

Kerry Spangenberg (Director Customer Care)

Kerry is responsible for ensuring that our customers’ service requirements within the overall product offering are met, in addition she develops our marketing campaigns, promotes our projects and concepts, her activities also embrace planning and executing advertising campaigns, public relations, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research


Jo Du Plessis (Director New Web Development)

Jo du Plessis has 7 years design experience. She is both creative and technically inclined, and uses both these attributes to build or redesign websites. She understands user experience and is able to build websites that are easy to understand, navigate and use, and adheres to design standards and specifications.

Peter Maguire (Director Web Master)

Peter Maguire has 10 years design experience and takes care of all the technology related to the websites ensuring that the web servers, hardware and software are operating correctly, designing the websites, generating and revising web pages, replying to user comments, and examining traffic through the sites.

The Care Office provides the following products to small and medium sized enterprises.

Business plans

We can assist you to convert ideas and concepts into a useful structure that will enable you to apply what you know best to a practical implementation plan and to accept what you do not have and will need to have to make the plan a success.

Enterprise valuations

Whether you wish to purchase a business or sell your business, we can assist you in determining real value and thereby provide you with a confident basis for constructive negotiations.

Financial models

Whatever the perceived complexity that you may face in that important business decision, we will be able to help you unravel the knot and understand the degree of consequential risk some of which you could avoid and where not, better able to manage.

Marketing concepts

A vital ingredient to turning great products or services into financial rewards is to match these as efficiently and effectively as possible to real needs which guarantee business sustainability. We have the skills to create concepts in simple ways to give effect to this match.

Marketing campaigns

We can add value in ensuring that the marketing concept has a cost effective and impact capability that will have dynamic yet relevent cycles.

Web design

No matter the size of the business the web is a useful and effective medium to communicate the marketing concept & showcase your business.

Business and Staff projects

The Care Office recognizes the increasing number of companies providing benefits to their employees to maintain their health and self esteem. Studies prove that the happier and healthier their employees are, the more productive they are at work. Hence the development of corporate people and staff projects providing exclusive specials and packages in wellness, spa days and stays, savings and benefits, in addition encouraging relaxation by providing exclusive packages at happy holiday venues and restaurants and automatic FREE entry to amazing staff prizes and competitions monthly.