The Care Office is the proud developer of Giving More, SA Child, SA Leisure Guide, SA Health Guide and SA Homes Guide.

With over 40 years experience in the marketing and financial arenas The Care Office has built relationships with over 350 000 families nationwide. Our ever improving online networking strategy combined with our social arms, events calendar, newsletters and our comprehensive online directories promise extensive exposure to a business and family related target audience, providing you with an outstanding way to build brand/market awareness and growth. 

Our spatial distribution covers all 9 provinces in South Africa and our promotions are marketed through all 5 associated online platforms. Our brands get up to 3 million plus hits on our web sites, in addition we have 3000+ small, medium and large business partnerships as well as our 70 000+ organically growing social media followers (Facebook and Twitter) WE CAN HELP GROW YOURS TOO!
Please note that we do not charge advertising or marketing fees, The Care Office provides FREE ADVERTISING and MARKETING! The token required is for design and administrative procedures only!

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What you get

A professionally laid out business listing on the relevant brand including description, pics, map and video options as well as a direct link to your website. This will provide an extensive overview of your company and the products/services that you provide.

In addition you will receive advertising in our monthly newsletters, a featured home page banner and most importantly, free unlimited updates and changes to your business listing with us in order to keep your branding relevant and up to date!

Get maximum value and keep your business in the hearts and minds of our members ongoing by offering a prize, special and/or event for added free exposure through our Giving More brand which is linked to our various social media arms through Facebook and Twitter. Should your prize be significant, it will be branded with our mega wins where your business will get free exposure on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as a high profiled home page banner on the relevant brand/website (scrolling competitions banner). Feel free to contact us for more info.

Our Vision

With our economy crises World Wide, we as a business understand that we need to put measures in place now to secure a network of sharing and caring to the future sustainability for all. We all need to work together, sharing and caring to growth potentials ahead.

Our development

This offering is underpinned by a loyal network of followers that have been built up over many years and in particular over the last ten years a conscious effort has been made to invest in these followers using target promotions, interesting newsletters and social media.

The technology used by The Care Office has enabled us to cross market these directories of products and services within the network to the delight of our preferred partners.

Google as with other effective search engines, encourages any and all entities either by means of code, funds or a combination thereof to appear in the range of first results on each and every search action. Not every supplier of products and services can be in the range of these first results.

We pride ourselves on being an organically grown company and by means of code only, will we continue to explore all available opportunities to enhance our visibility on search engine results, however looking after our private network is and will always be our top priority.

For enquiries regarding our online projects, business and social media strengths, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.

For enquiries contact Kerry Spangenberg -  081 215 2898 or 
For Sales & Marketing contact Michael Maguire - 081 447 2768 or 
For Web Development & Marketing contact Jolene du Plessis - 081 215 2898 or

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For us it's about connecting people!

The Care Office

The Care Office has over 40 years experience in the marketing and financial arenas nationwide, over this time we have built relationships with over 350 000 families across South Africa. 

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